Jack High Pairs

This National event takes place on Sun, 12 Nov 2023.

The event is on RealBridge.

Masterpoints awarded for this event: Blue.

Scoring for this event: MP.

Players of all standards are welcome at most of our events, unless the events are "Jack High " or similar. Typical playing standards at this event are:

  • NGS 2-6 (Beginner)
  • NGS 6-9 (Improver)
  • NGS 9-J (Intermediate)

For more details see the event web page.

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More about this event

A series of Jack High Events Organised by the: Cumbria County Bridge Association on behalf of the EBU.

Blue Points

Sunday 9 July, 2023

Sunday 3 Sep, 2023

Sunday 12 Nov, 2023

There are 2 sessions every day, starting at 11 am and 2:30 pm.

Players can play in one or both.

20 boards. Only £4 per session, per player.

Sign up here: www.bridgewebs.com/cumbria

This is an online event, held on RealBridge

Contact information

Organiser: County.

Contact: Ken Johnston.

Phone: 01228 527052.