OODGP Swiss Pairs Event

This National event takes place on Sun, 04 Aug 2024.

The event is on RealBridge.

Masterpoints awarded for this event: Green.

Scoring for this event: Swiss Pairs.

Players of all standards are welcome at most of our events, unless the events are "Jack High " or similar. Typical playing standards at this event are:

  • NGS 9-J (Intermediate)
  • NGS J-K (Advanced)
  • NGS A (Expert)

For more details see the event web page.

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More about this event

From March 2023, these new online events will take the place of those that have been run by counties over the last couple of years. They will provide a single national two-session event of 48/49 boards on each of the specified days, with the large single field meaning that the size of field and master-point ranking awards will be larger.

Contact information

Organiser: EBU .

Contact: comps@ebu.co.uk, 01296 317203.

Phone: 01296 317203.

Email: comps@ebu.co.uk.