National Pairs Regional Heats

This National event takes place on Sun, 24 Mar 2024.

The event is on: BBO, RealBridge.

Masterpoints awarded for this event: Green.

Scoring for this event: Swiss Pairs.

Players of all standards are welcome at most of our events, unless the events are "Jack High " or similar. Typical playing standards at this event are:

  • NGS J-K (Advanced)
  • NGS A (Expert)

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More about this event

In 2024 any pair that gets 55% or over in a club game between 4th Feb and 17th Feb will be entitled to play in the Regional Finals on 24th March. All club games that award full rate master points (those of 18 boards or more that are submitted by clubs under Code 10 or Code 12) will count and the clubs do not need to do anything special - if the game is played and submitted, players who get over 55% will automatically qualify. Pairs games that are scored in IMPs will also count, subject to conversion using the same principles as used by the NGS.

There will be five regional finals, mostly run by counties from within the regions, on 24th March with two online platforms (BBO and RealBridge) for each. Entry fees for the regional finals will be £10 per player. Players may qualify from any club in the country but at least one player from each pair must have allegiance to a county of the region in which they play the regional final. Two players who both qualify in different partnerships may form a new partnership to play in a regional final.

The results within the regions will be used to award the five regional trophies. All five regions will also be combined and scored nationally to determine the top 50 pairs, who will be entitled to play the National Pairs Final on RealBridge on 13th - 14th April 2024.

The event is also part of the Championship Series, in which points can be earned towards the Player of the Year Championship.

Contact information

Organiser: EBU .

Phone: 01296 317203.