Garden Cities Regional Finals

This County event takes place on Sat, 11 May 2024.

The event is face to face at Bradford, Bristol, Richmond, Stamford;.

Masterpoints awarded for this event: Green.

Scoring for this event: IMPS.

Players of all standards are welcome at most of our events, unless the events are "Jack High " or similar. Typical playing standards at this event are:

  • NGS J-K (Advanced)
  • NGS A (Expert)

For more details see the event web page.

More about this event

The competition is for the winners of each County’s designated event for affiliated club teams of 8. If the winners are unable to participate, then the invitation is extended to the runners-up. Each County is responsible for deciding the format of its designated event. In practice, some Counties hold a one-off qualifying event and others choose to use a season-long event such as a County League for club teams of 8. Clubs may play in the designated event in another County, if that County’s regulations permit it, but without standing to qualify for the Garden Cities Trophy representing that other County. The intention of the competition is that clubs are represented by their regular players or established members.

Contact information

Organiser: EBU .

Phone: 01296 317203.